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Cembre C-Tap Sleeve Connector - C35-C35

C35-C35 Cembre C-Tap sleeve connectors are suitable for either creating an earthing network or tapping off from overhead distribution lines.

Cembre C35-C35 properties:
  • Main conductor size range: 35mm2. Tap conductor size range: 25-35mm2
  • Main conductor size range: 50mm2. Tap conductor size range: 10-25mm2
  • External width: 21.0mm
  • External height: 26.6mm
  • External depth: 15.6mm
  • Crimping tools: Cembre HT131-C
  • Die set: MC35-C

This size sleeve connector is also suitable for joining running 35mm2 conductors of the same cross sectional area.

For harsher environments, a tin-plated version is available, please quote C35-C35 ST if required.
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