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Plastic Cable Tiles

Plastic cable tiles manufactured from recycled low-density polyethylene, provides a product that is both durable and lightweight. Supplied with connection pegs.

Available in two thicknesses and three widths, these tiles are ideal for all Low Voltage (LV) or Medium Voltage (MV) cable protection.

The yellow tape is marked "CAUTION - ELECTRIC CABLE BELOW", bonded to a red background.

These cable tiles meet the requirements of BS 2484:1985.
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Plastic Cable Tiles

Order Reference Product Name Qty
PT152 152mm x 1m Plastic Cable Tile - 6.0mm Thick
PTHD152 152mm x 1m Plastic Cable Tile - 12.0mm Thick
PTHD244 244mm x 1m Plastic Cable Tile - 12.0mm Thick
PTHD300 300mm x 1m Plastic Cable Tile - 12.0mm Thick
Order Reference Length Width Thickness
PT152 1m 152.0mm 6.0mm
PTHD152 1m 152.0mm 12.0mm
PTHD244 1m 244.0mm 12.0mm
PTHD300 1m 300.0mm 12.0mm